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Sharing Smiles Initiative

Smiling Sphere Balloon in the middle of grey crowd. ( 3d render )

About Project

An NGO with a unique drive and desire to build a sustainable and inclusive network of change agents; driven to impact grassroots communities through various channels of social intervention.

The Challenge

There is no question that there is a high saturation of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in Nigeria, including both foreign and local groups; thus, SSI had the unique problem of distinguishing itself from other non-profits.

During the alignment process, we discovered that SSI’s previous logo did not mesh with the brand’s new positioning, and the old logo lacked variants since the firm had lost access to the logo’s original files. So we set out on a mission to revitalize it, meticulously examining its composition and generating meaning that would be incorporated into a new visual identity.

The Solution

We created the logo after deciding that SSI required a fresh representation. We made cautious not to go too far from the original colors, and we redesigned it to appear better, with a strong emphasis on the notion of smiling. Another important factor that aided us in developing a flawless logo was the number three, which represents the past, present, and future and is a perfect number.
It was also important for SSI to own a website in order to achieve an identity that aligned with its core values of accountability and transparency, as this was a vital asset for most NGO’s because it fully expresses its impacts and provides a general perception and view of SSI’s works behind the scenes, as well as an overview of its board.

Action Steps

The specific efforts we made to achieve our objectives for Sharing Smiles Initiative.

  • Strategy Session

    Finding information about Agriarche and the market it serves, identifying the most effective ways present it's values to a saturated and competitive market.

  • Brand Identity

    Creating a memorable logo, color palette, icons, and other visual elements that contribute to a cohesive sense of Agriarches' purpose, mission, and values in the minds of consumers.

  • Website Development

    Developing a website with pages that reflect the company's brand identity, ensuring responsiveness and a user-friendly experience

Sharing Smiles Initiative

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