Branding Inno-Scienz

InnoScienz is an eco-conscious biotechnology company that was established to develop organic biomedical products from natural sources utilizing cutting-edge technology. 
As a new brand that was premiering into the market, the client wanted an identity that resonated with the essence of the brand as well as the target audience.
Most especially the client wanted an identity that would inspire trust and instil confidence in the market.

The challenge & The Approach

In the process of aligning, we discovered that the products packaging designs did not fit with the new brand identity, so we embarked on a journey to refresh it by studying what colors expressed the functions of its different products. We took the action of redesigning the product’s packaging. 
Through an in-depth discovery process, we were able to extract the most important aspects of the brand. This process played a crucial role in developing a strategy for the brand’s identity. The result? A feel that not only resonated with the target audience but also inspired trust.

Inno-Scienz Products