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Being the number one consulting firm for both the public and private sectors, and providing a bird’s-eye perspective of Nigeria’s political and governance terrain in record time, is no easy achievement, especially if potential clients don’t trust you sufficiently. This is why, with Falcon Alliance, we took a completely different approach.


As a new firm with a highly distinctive concept, it was evident that Falcon Alliance demanded a special overall perspective, and how the company was seen was critical. First, we needed to design a logo that conveyed not only trust but also strength and authority.

It was evident what components would fit in the logo development after an in-depth examination and research of its goal, as well as a couple of on-site meetings with the company’s CEO. We chose to emphasize the notion of a falcon and two key hues, blue for trust and red for power. We were able to build a logo that suited the company’s personality using this.

As a startup

We didn’t get ahead of ourselves because we kept in mind that Falcon Alliance was a new effort on the scene, and it was critical that the organization grew to be trusted. We stressed to the CEO how important it is to win smaller projects since it helps develop the company’s portfolio. We established a social media presence for Falcon Alliance and spent the first month teaching the concept of a better election approach, including an in-depth case study of some former leaders who shook the Nigerian political landscape.

Action Steps

The specific efforts we made to achieve our objectives for Falcon Alliance Ltd.

  • Strategy Session

    Finding information about Agriarche and the market it serves, identifying the most effective ways present it's values to a saturated and competitive market.

  • Brand Identity

    Creating a memorable logo, color palette, icons, and other visual elements that contribute to a cohesive sense of Agriarches' purpose, mission, and values in the minds of consumers.

  • Media Consistency

    Maintaining a consistent brand presence for Agriarche across various social media platforms.

Falcon Alliance Ltd

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